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Birthday Videographer in Leeds

Is your birthday approaching? Are you throwing a big party or doing something exciting with your best friends? Why not capture that special day on video?

I’m a talented videographer, editor and storyteller from Leeds who’d love to create a memorable video of your special occasion that you can share with the rest of your friends on social media or just keep as a digital video memory.

Having a birthday videographer will allow you to focus on socializing with your friends without the need to reach for your phone to take a video of what’s happening. I’ll do all the filming so you can stay present and enjoy the moment.

You won’t even need to talk to me. I will blend with the crowd, watch out for great moments and film them on your behalf. At the end, you should expect to have a short but engaging video highlighting the best moments of your birthday celebrations.

I’m happy to record birthdays of people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s babies, children, teenagers, young professionals, middle-aged or elderly people’s birthdays, it’s all worth a shot!

Contact me for bookings and further enquiries.

Examples of work:


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