Why you don’t need a car to work as a freelance videographer?

Are you looking to start a video production business or become a self-employed videographer but feel disadvantaged for not having a car? Let me share my thoughts and experience on why although having access to a vehicle may be beneficial, it’s certainly not essential to having a successful job as a videographer.

Working as a videographer will inevitably require you to travel a lot, but a car isn’t the only way to get to places. Here are a few alternative to driving.


If you live in a small town, why not walk to the filming location? I’d consider anything at up to 35 minutes of walking distance reachable on foot. Walking has many health benefits too. If you aren’t familiar with the location you are required to film at, there’s no need to rely on a taxi. Use your smart phone’s free Google Maps navigation!

Bus & Train

Travelling by bus or train is my most frequent means of getting to jobs. If you live in a developed city, I’d recommend taking advantage of public transport. During rush hours, a bus may be even quicker to take you to your destination than a car. If you need to go to a different city, travel by train or coach. Remember to book cheaper tickets online. For UK residents, I recommend the Trainline’s mobile train app or National Express coaches. If you are a Yorkshire-based videographer, check out Metro’s First Bus m-Tickets app.


Getting a taxi to work is my least desired option but sometimes there is no other way to make it to a given location. For instance, if I’m to film very early or late at night and buses aren’t available or the location is simply not accessible by bus or train, I’ll have no choice but to book an Uber taxi. Uber provides a convenient way to travel by taxi, and currently gives me better deals than regular taxi companies in my city.

In my opinion having a car is a luxury that’s not imperative to being able to work as a videographer. Driving to jobs will certainly save you time but incur additional expenses such as petrol as well as insurance and maintenance costs which isn’t ideal if you aren’t getting regular work as a videographer. In fact, you’ve probably invested all your savings into production equipment and now it’s time to get some money back into your bank account until owning a car becomes affordable.

If you are concerned you have too much equipment to carry around on public transport or walk to places, I suggest you always find out in advance what the client expects you to do, and pack the required gear in a wheeled suitcase. Some clients will appreciate you taking little space to do your job, especially if the venue is small.

Cycling or riding a motorbike is another possible way of commuting, but it doesn’t allow you much room for equipment unless you are bringing camera and lenses only. Cycling with heavy gear on your back can be very tiring and unsafe too.

Personally, I’ve being working as a videographer for more than 3 years without having access to a car and relying on the above means of transportation.

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