Just film it! The Conditions Will Never Be Perfect. Act now.

In this post I’d like to remind all aspiring film-makers that there’s no better day and time to make a film or online video than the now, the present moment. I’m aware that film-making, especially film-making on location, requires careful planning but no matter how good that’s done, there will always be challenges on set. Depending on how obstacles are dealt with during production, you can either elevate your project or let it suffer, as it happened in my recent experience of filming an online video outdoors.

At the beginning of February, I met with a friend to get some footage of him walk around Leeds city centre and Leeds Dock, and eventually create a cinematic video for his personal love poem. We were to shoot on a rainy day and I considered a reschedule. Instead, however, I decided to stick to the plan feeling confident in my ability to deal with any issues that arise. Plus, me and my friend have been trying to arrange a shoot date since September 2015. Luckily, the challenging conditions added value to my production.

Since it was raining, for example, the overcast sky provided for soft natural lighting. Atmospheric sound of rain was audible on the location sound recordings of the poem, which added extra emotion to the voice-over (although I ended up using an interior recording of the voice-over obtained in a “studio” environment without any background sounds or noise). Further, I got really excited when my lens got a little wet because of the drizzle (well initially I was scared of the water damaging my equipment!) and I pointed my camera at the actor, who was backlit by lights in the distance, and I noticed a lot of interesting scar-looking reflections (which fit perfectly with the last few lines of the poem from 01:15 to 01:18 seconds):

Have you ever been in a situation when unexpected challenges took your project on a higher level? Let me know in the comments below.


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