Why You Shouldn’t Watch Movie Trailers (If Possible)

Movie trailers are crucial to marketing feature films successfully. They can either get you more excited about watching a film, or totally disinterest you. Below are few things to consider about trailers that will hopefully improve your overall experience of going to the cinema.

Movie trailers often reveal too much information about what happens in the film. Recently, I watched the trailer for The Danish Girl (2015) which revealed so much details about the story that at the end I felt like I had already seen the film and that there wasn’t anything else left to surprise me.

On the other hand, movie trailers are sometimes edited so well that they misrepresent the quality of a film. I know whether a film is good or bad isn’t easy to answer but I’m talking about trailers like the one for Paranormal Activity (2007). It made the movie appear intensely horrifying which mislead me and my friend’s hunt for an interesting scary film to watch that night.

Part of me still wants to go see The Danish Girl because it looked beautifully shot. In fact, it was the first half of the trailer that got me interested in seeing the whole film; initially, I wasn’t attracted by the film biography at all. Therefore, I don’t think hiding from trailers is a good choice. So I came up with a strategy next time I watch new movie trailers. I will switch the sound off and press stop half way through the trailer, before I get teased too much you see. That way I am less likely to spoil the later experience of watching the movie in the theatre because of learning too much information about the story.

So if you are a person who also cares about having good cinema-going experience, I recommend watching trailers halfway through, on silent.

Here are 10 epic trailers for disappointing movies, according to Screenrant. Or Unreality Magazine’s post on 8 awful trailers for good films.

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