The Moral Responsibility of Paying Invoices On Time

I’ve worked with a few employers so far who didn’t pay my invoice until I began pestering them with messages every single day, and payment was eventually made. Initially, I assumed this happened because of the challenging type of employers I worked with but later realized overdue invoices are a common occurrence. I don’t understand why that’s case. Below is my opinion on why prompt invoice payment should be an employer’s moral duty.

Consider the fact that a customer must first pay the full price of a product before having the right to own it. In the case of paying for a freelance service, and the worker does a satisfactory job, it is then the obligation of the employer / client to fulfil the required payment as soon as possible, theoretically speaking right?

On one side, I guess you don’t have to pay invoices at all provided you are willing to deal with any adverse consequences that may arise, such as losing people’s trust or instigating a physical fight. Some people even take out big loans, live and die without repaying them completely. Most countries are in debt to others too.

On the other side, I believe it is every employer’s moral obligation to pay invoices on time. If an employer is fully capable of fulfilling an invoice but for whatever reason doesn’t commit to the payment period promised, the employer is simply being disrespectful to the service provider. I’m unsure whether delayed payment is a money-saving strategy or an indication of an employer’s busy ego-driven work life, but if a freelancer has provided a service that has benefited you then why don’t thank them on time, financially speaking? When freelancers are chasing you for overdue payment, isn’t it high time you showed gratitude and respect for their work and not make them wait any longer?

Freelancers will really appreciate prompt payment. It promotes trust and strengthens work relationships. I personally feel my time and work have been of value when I get paid on time, and won’t hesitate to serve respectful employers again.

2 thoughts on “The Moral Responsibility of Paying Invoices On Time

  1. I completely agree. You wouldn’t see people going into shops for a product walking out without paying, using it for a while then going back in to pay! EVER!
    Shame that others don’t see it as the payment being made on time as a reflection of their gratitude for your service.
    Keep up the hard work.
    The best freelancer videographer in Leeds! 😀

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