Freelance Motion Graphics Designer in Leeds, West Yorkshire

My name is Vlad and I’m a talented Leeds-based independent media professional passionate about motion design work, from the very first keyframe to the final completed piece.

I offer affordable creative services in the production of compelling visual stories for your business such as motion graphics, moving infographics, motion typography, kinetic text, infomercials, 2D logo animation, basic 3D animation and video editing.

craft interestingly informative videos that educate, inspire and entertain. My videos feature sleek motion, sweet graphics and kinetic typography – all painted in fresh colours, radiating joy and expressing a clear message. Above all, I don’t just animate graphics and text, I bring them to life!

After Effects
Trapcode Mir Personal Project

I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but operate on an international scale. I’ve worked with clients from the USA and Australia, for example.

What really makes me stand out from the crowd of similar creative services is my work ethic. As most others perhaps, I can brainstorm, design graphics and animate them with joy, creating compelling visual content for your company. But I do it with a unique attitude in mind. I always listen and try to understand your business and idea, and form a style that fits. I constantly push my creative abilities to the next level, come up with breakthrough ideas and create what’s never been done before. I aim to bring my graphics to life through sweet animations and to eventually conceive a unique work of art. I simply love what I do, and I would love to work with you!

Infographic Riddle

If you are interested in working with me, please email with your idea, brief or query, and I will get back to you shortly.

Can’t wait to embark on a creative journey with you!

Logo Animation

Low Poly Mountains

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