Do you get personal satisfaction from happy clients or customers? I do.

There is a feeling of immensely deep satisfaction that I get when a client is happy with the final result of my work. I love it.

Completing a video project for a client isn’t just a job done for me. I get personal satisfaction when a client is happy with my work, because I love what I do and always try to produce something that both me and my client could be proud of. I am also thankful I have the opportunity to help someone or contribute to a business by doing something I enjoy, and when my efforts get recognized, it’s just such a positive and motivating feeling!

How do you feel when you fail to meet a client’s expectations?

Personally, I always feel anxious before submitting a first draft of the work to a client if it doesn’t meet their expectations. It’s fine if they wish to make small changes but I am nervous in case I’ve completely misunderstood the brief and the client requires a complete make-over of the work I’ve already produced. I wish no media professional is ever confronted with such a scenario.

There is one thing I am sure of when doing work for clients. I always strive to give my best and regardless of the client’s opinion, I know for myself that I’ve at least tried to provide the best of my abilities. This positive attitude helps me bear a peaceful mind after a failure.

What motivates you to continue doing your job if you were unsuccessful at your task?

This post was inspired by the many projects I’ve completed successfully including my last one which is a short documentary-style promotional video about one of the best pole dancing instructors in West Yorkshire, and her unique method of exercise –

Vlad Dimov
Videographer // Editor // Motion Designer

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