Spiritual Meaning Behind Video Making

I’ve been creating promotional videos over the last few weeks and I’ve been really enjoying the process. Recently, I tried to analyse where that pleasure stems from, and I realized some important things about myself and my work.

Before exploring my thinking, I need to clarify that the promotional videos I’ve been making are subject-based, featuring shots of a person in action overlaid with relevant key sound bites from an interview with the same person.

So my first impression is that I like telling stories with moving images. It’s me who interviews the subject and asks questions that reveal key knowledge about the subject’s personality, feelings, services, talent, etc. In post-production, I have the privilege and responsibility to use image and sound to edit an informatively concise story about the subject that presents him or her in the best light possible.

Making videos however isn’t only about telling a story about someone; I get to experience and be part of the subject’s story, indirectly I guess. The fact that I get the opportunity to spend time with my subjects, to talk to them and see them in action simply opens a door for me to step into their world and to experience their life.

Eventually, I connect with my subjects, both when I am around them and when I am away editing the footage, and the more videos I make, the deeper my connection with the world and humanity becomes, spiritually speaking.

Have you ever felt in a similar way? What kind of videos do you like making and why?

Vlad Dimov
Videographer // Editor // Motion Designer

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